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Way of the Fathers with Mike Aquilina

Oct 28, 2020

He is often called the Athanasius of the West, and the two men had much in common. They defended the Council of Nicaea and opposed the emperor ... and suffered exile for their trouble. But Hilary's approach to controversy differed from that of Athanasius. He listened to his opponents, read their works, and found common ground when he could. When he couldn't, he was able to address their concerns clearly and directly. He was even willing to work with heretics as they opposed more radical heresies. He composed the first systematic treatise on the Trinity and was perhaps the first to introduce hymns into Western worship. His own hymns are still sung today.


Hilary of Poitiers, On the Councils, or the Faith of the Easterns

Hilary of Poitiers, On the Trinity (first 3 books)

Hilary of Poitiers, hymns

A hymn by Hilary in English translation

More works by the Fathers

Mike Aquilina's website

Theme music: Gaudeamus (Introit for the Feast of All Saints), sung by Jeff Ostrowski. Courtesy of Corpus Christi Watershed

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