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Way of the Fathers with Mike Aquilina

Jul 24, 2020

It’s hard to be an intelligent Christian without somehow handling Origen’s ideas. He set the ground rules for scientific study of the Bible. He wrote foundational works in spirituality, apologetics, and fundamental theology. In this episode, we look at those big accomplishments, but also examine the ideas that got him into trouble. Do souls exist before they get bodies? Does Satan get saved in the end? Does allegory trump history when we read the Bible? And did Origen really say all these things anyway? Find out why the Man of Steel is just as controversial today as he was almost two millennia ago.


St. Methodius of Olympus, Against Origen (fragment)

St. Jerome, Letter 84 to Pammachius

Thomas Mirus on Origen’s theology

Pope Benedict XVI on Origen’s thought

Catholic Culture Audiobooks reading of Origen homily on Genesis:

More works by the Fathers

Mike Aquilina's website

Theme music: Gaudeamus (Introit for the Feast of All Saints), sung by Jeff Ostrowski. Courtesy of Corpus Christi Watershed