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Way of the Fathers with Mike Aquilina

Jun 24, 2020


He was a believer for little more than a decade, but in that time he managed to set one of the pre-eminent examples of Christian leadership. Before his conversion, Cyprian had lived the Carthaginian dream. He was wealthy and successful, but miserable and maybe addicted to drink and other pleasures. With his baptism came a transformation. Within a year he was ordained a priest. In two years he was bishop over all of North Africa. His years in office were a time of unprecedented crisis. His Church faced persecution, pandemic, catastrophic climate change, and famine. He managed all with grace and won his prominent place in history before dying as a martyr.


The Life and Passion of Cyprian, Bishop and Martyr

Cyprian of Carthage, Treatise: On the Lapsed

Cyprian of Carthage, Treatise: On the Mortality (Or Plague)

Cyprian of Carthage, Epistle 62: On the Sacrament of the Cup of the Lord

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