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Way of the Fathers with Mike Aquilina

Nov 29, 2021

Benedict was not the first monk to compose a rule for living in community — but he's certainly the most influential. He wrote the Rule that the Emperor Charlemagne would propose as guidebook for all monks in the West. Yet Benedict himself was self-effacing in the extreme, and he remains elusive for historians. Lately, he has emerged as a patron and model for people whose civilization could be entering a Dark Age. Know anybody like that?


Benedict of Nursia, The Rule

Gregory the Great, Life of Our Most Holy Father St. Benedict

Mark the Monk (a disciple of Benedict), Poem in tribute to St. Benedict

Mike Aquilina’s website

Mike Aquilina’s books

Theme music: Gaudeamus (Introit for the Feast of All Saints), sung by Jeff Ostrowski. Courtesy of Corpus Christi Watershed

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